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May 14, 2012

It’s been almost six months since we moved here so I thought over the next few days I would review how things are going. Today I’ll start with the positives:

The Good

Physical attractions: We already knew that this would be a beautiful place to live. Our house has spectacular views of the river and out to sea, and we are only a short walk away from the beach. There’s a lovely lake nearby that attracts an array of bird-life. The street we live in isn’t paved and is surrounded by bushland. It’s gorgeous. So much nicer than the boring suburban street we had previously called home.

I guess I underestimated how much I would enjoy the physical beauty of the area. I’m loving that my daily walk can take me to so many beautiful places. I often find myself spending an hour or so on the beach with Millie-the-Mad-Dog. D is enjoying running here so much more than when we were in the suburbs. Exercise seems less painful in these surroundings!

The schools: It was with much sadness and great trepidation that we pulled our kids out of their previous school. Old School was a P-12 private school, which all three boys loved and were thriving at. Here in Holiday Town, we decided that we wanted the kids to go to school locally. Not travelling too far for school is part of the whole ‘slower life’ philosophy we are trying to embrace.

The two older boys are at the local public high school (on two separate campuses) and LK is attending the local Catholic primary school. So far we couldn’t be happier with the way this has turned out. All the boys are enjoying their new schools and are doing well. They’ve all made lots of new friends and seem very settled. D and I are happy with the curriculum and the environment at each school. At the recent parent teacher interviews for the older boys I was very impressed with the teachers’ passion for their subjects and interest in their students. Changing schools was probably my biggest worry before we moved so it’s a relief that things have turned out so well.


It’s so much easier to be physically active here. We are close¬† to great areas to swim, surf and paddle. D has finally donned the full wetsuit and booties and is still managing to get out for a surf despite the cold weather. I’m walking lots more. Being so close to town is a great advantage. It’s hardly worth getting the car out of the garage when you can walk to the shops in under ten minutes. The boys are more active here too. MK rides his bike to school and LK loves exploring the local area on his bike on the weekends. Even BK is out and about more.


We’ve been blessed with lovely neighbours on both sides, which makes for very pleasant living. LK has befriended the little girl next door and I love that the two of them bound between the two houses so freely. Reminds me of the relationship I had with the neighbourhood kids when I was growing up.

So there you have it – the positives aspects of living in Holiday Town. These are the things I need to think about when I’m having a woe-is-me day!

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