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Long time, no see

September 23, 2012

Don’t die of shock, I’m actually here blogging! I know I have been extremely lax in keeping this blog up to date, but the good news is it’s because I’ve been too busy to write.

Things are finally starting to fall into place for me here in Holiday Town. I can confidently say that the worst of the homesickness is behind me and I am starting to feel at home here. A few things have changed since I last wrote. I’ve finally managed to find most of the professional services I was after. I now have a lovely dentist, a great doctor (she only works two days a week, but it’s better than nothing!) and I’m happy enough with the hairdresser I go to. (No-one will ever replace my previous hairdresser, but that’s something I just have to come to terms with!) Still searching for a great beautician. I’m trying out a new one tomorrow!

On the social front things are on the improve too. Middle Kid has joined a tennis team. The club is small and family friendly, so that has helped us all to feel a little more like we belong to the community here. I’ve even volunteered to be the team manager. (I know nothing about tennis AT ALL, so that could be interesting!!) Little Kid has started a martial arts class and whilst I haven’t really “met” any of the other parents in terms of having any sort of meaningful exchange, everyone seems very friendly and I guess as time goes on we might get to know some of the other families better. I think having the kids participate in these things is helping all of us to feel more tied to the community and more at home.

Little Kid has made some nice friends and I am slowly getting to know some of their parents. One mum is particularly friendly and nice. We’ve had coffee together once so I’m hoping there’s so potential for friendship there. At the very least it’s nice to have a friendly face at school when I’m there for assembly or other special events.

All three of the kids are now well and truly settled. They’ve all made good friends and are constantly being invited to parties and other events. Likewise our house is often filled with their friends and this fact makes me very happy. One of the reasons for our “sea change” was to provide the kids with more opportunities to feel part of a local community. When we lived in the suburbs they travelled a long distance to school each day and their friends were scattered all over the place, making impromptu gatherings almost impossible. Now they can see their friends easily and I love that Big Kid and Middle Kid can walk or ride their bikes to catch up with friends, which means they can be a lot more independent than before.

Good news on the shopping front too – a new fruit and veggie shop has opened up in town. It’s small but good and sells lots of local produce. Hooray!! I’ve also been heading into Big Regional Town more often. I’m getting to know the good shopping areas, the best places to park, some decent places to eat, where the best coffee can be found and so on.

Finally, I’ve joined a book club in BRT. So far we’ve only had one meeting, but that went well and I think the belonging to this group will be lots of fun!

So there’s my update. Thankfully it’s a lot more cheery than the last one.

Lisa x

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  1. September 23, 2012 5:52 pm

    Ha! Didn’t I tell you things would sort themselves in time. Very happy to hear it.

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