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Happy anniversary…

December 3, 2012

to us!


Today marks one year of living in Holiday Town.

I can happily report that we are now well settled and thoroughly enjoying our new lifestyle. Of course, for some of us (me!) the road to contentment has been a rocky one. The first few months were particularly difficult. I was lonely and I was bored, two emotions I hadn’t experienced for a very long time. Whilst the rest of the family quickly fitted into the new environment, I grieved for the life I’d left behind.

For months I felt like we’d made a big mistake, and that I would never grow to like it here. But little by little things began to change. It’s the little things that make a difference – the hairdresser knowing my name and remembering what we chatted about last time, being stopped in the supermarket by a mum from school for a chat, being recognised by a couple of the local shopkeepers and finding a doctor and a dentist that I like! When the kids started to join local sports teams and activities I started to feel like we could truly call ourselves locals. I volunteered to be the team manager of Middle Kid’s tennis team and that (despite being a steep learning curve) has really helped me to feel like I belong.

A couple of months ago a friend from Melbourne came to stay and while I was telling her about our life here it occurred to me that I wouldn’t go back to our old life, our old home, even if I could. This is my home now.

So it is a happy anniversary. I’m thankful for the wonderful opportunity we’ve been given: to raise our family in a beautiful, healthy environment  and I promise to appreciate and make the most of our good fortune from now on!

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