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We are a family of five who have left our suburban home in Melbourne, Australia, to live in a small coastal town.

Lisa*: occasional writer, casual relief teacher, wannabe runner and small (very small) business owner.

D*: Travelling IT guru. Shhh… don’t tell him I called him a guru – he hates terms like that! (Don’t worry he’ll never read this page!)

Big Kid: Year 11 student. Main hobbies are listening to very loud music, texting his girlfriend, surfing, painting and creating AMVs.

Middle Kid: About to start Year 7. Enjoys reading, taunting his younger brother, playing video games, drawing and exerting himself as little as possible.

Little Kid: Starting Grade 3 this year. Likes talking, reading,  jumping on the trampoline, swimming and surfing and talking. Did I mention he likes to talk?

*Because I want to write honestly about our experiences I have decided not to use our real names in this blog. Many of you who visit here already know our identities, and that’s fine, but we ask that you don’t reveal our real names or actual location in your comments. That way we can feel free to express our true feelings without fear of offending anyone.


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